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Foundation Repair Pros Free Foundation Inspection

We love offering a free foundation repair inspection to all homeowners in the Fort Worth and Dallas area! Why? It’s a challenge and adventure to troubleshoot each home and figure out exactly what is causing the foundation problem and then creating an action plan that will fix the issue permanently. The process also gives us a chance to demonstrate our honesty and earn your trust.

free foundation inspectionOur highly trained specialists will investigate all corners of your home and evaluate the clues that are left behind. The basic process we follow:

  • meet homeowner to discuss the problem and the history of any prior repairs
  • visual inspection of the home top to bottom including crawl space if present
  • condition of all piers, beams, posts, joists, girders and other structural components
  • detailed level measurements to clearly identify areas of sinking and bowing
  • check gutters and downspouts
  • check of evidence of tree root intrusions
  • check for evidence of termite, mold or rodent damage
  • look for areas of ponding
  • check for water or sewer line leaks
  • test soil type

At this point, we sometimes have the pleasure of telling you that no foundation repairs are needed! In this situation, we will recommend simple fixes that you can perform yourself like water management or maintenance watering. No charge!

Alternatives evaluation – there are many foundation repair techniques at our disposal. This is discussed in detail on our slab repair and pier and beam repair pages. Soil type along with site-specific water and foundation movement profiles are identified to help in developing the best solution for your situation.

Proposed solution – based on our findings and discussion with you, we will prepare a detailed cost of repairs proposal to permanently fix the foundation issues, consistent with your budget constraints. We are sensitive to the high cost of some of these repairs and will work diligently to present the most cost effective options for your review and approval.

on obligation foundation inspectionAt Foundation Repair Pros, we look forward to the challenge of discovering your foundation repair issues and then developing the perfect solution to meet all of your needs on the project.

Go ahead and give us a call right now and we’ll book your no-obligation appointment today!

“You Don’t Have to Pay to Find Out What’s Wrong and How to Fix It!”



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