Foundation Repair Cost

Foundation Repair Cost Is a Critical Factor in Your Decision to Move Forward

When considering whether or not to proceed with a foundation repair project, the cost of repairs is most likely at the top of your list in the decision-making process. You want to maintain the value of your property and protect the safety of your family. But you certainly don’t want to get a “shady” unreliable company involved.

Foundation Repair Pros has built our 20+ year reputation on fair and honest cost proposals and keeping our projects on budget. And we stand behind our work 100% so if anything goes wrong, we will fix it immediately.

One of the things we take pride in is the occasional situation where we advise a client that no repairs are needed. This happens when a concerned homeowner calls us, we conduct a thorough inspection and find that repairing a leak or a simple water maintenance program can be implemented. No need for extensive repairs.

Foundation Repair Cost Variables

When we inspect your home for foundation problems, we do a complete examination of numerous factors to make sure we fix your problem permanently and do it right the first time. Here are some of the components that are looked at to develop an accurate cost estimate:

  • Type of construction – pier and beam or slab foundation
  • Approximate size of home – square footage
  • Take level measurements
  • Inspect water and sewer lines for leaks
  • Inspect for sagging or settling floors and foundation
  • Observe any cracks or fissures in sheetrock, bricks, floors and walls
  • Check windows and doors for proper operation and visible cracks
  • Inspect crawl space including signs of wood rot, fungi and black mold
  • Inspect for separation and cracks around chimney
  • Evaluate soil moisture content at points around the foundation
  • Check for evidence of ponding or other water drainage issues
  • Review past history of any previous foundation efforts

foundation repair cost estimateBased on this data, we will work with you and develop a detailed cost breakdown for repairs. The cost is dependent on the optimal design of the repair project. For example, if piers or pilings are required, costs will vary with type (cement, steel or cable), need for any internal placements, extent of any excavations and depth to bedrock and labor costs.

Fort Worth Average Cost of Foundation Repair

In view of all the factors that considered in developing a cost estimate, it’s impossible to calculate a reliable number without an onsite inspection. However, we have data from a large number of previous repair jobs in the DFW area.

The big picture overview is that most repair jobs fall in the range of $2,500 to $6,000 with the average at about $5,000 and the higher-end at $10,000. Some extensive repair jobs will exceed $20,000 but that is unusual.

The following table puts this in context with other Texas cities and data from other metropolitan areas around the U.S.

Data from Home Advisor; sorted by Average Cost
CityMinimum CostAverage CostMaximum Cost
San Francisco, CA5,00012,82821,000
Sacramento, CA3,7507,91913,000
New Orleans, LA3,4006,61511,200
Houston, TX2,6505,91210,350
Los Angeles, CA1,5005,81110,000
Washington, DC2,0005,71312,000
Nashville, TN2,0005,4319,130
Fort Worth, TX2,5005,23010,000
Denver, CO1,4004,69010,457

Not surprisingly, Fort Worth and the DFW area is at the lower end nationally. This is because of the generally lower cost of living, lower labor costs and the competitive nature of the local market. Good news for you!

Would you like a great deal on your foundation repair project? Give us a call right now and we’ll make it happen!

Foundation Repair Pros has been in business for 20+ years in the local market and our expert team knows how to get the job done at a very reasonable price. Let’s conduct a free, no-obligation inspection and we’ll get to work to answer your question:

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?


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