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Did you know that the need for foundation repair in Fort Worth is now trending on Google and has been for the past couple of years? This is unfortunate but reflects more than anything the severe drought conditions we have been experiencing.

Foundation Problems 

At Foundation Repair Pros, we have been seen a significant rise in calls for help during this period. While good for business, we don’t like to see so many of our community friends dealing with this burden. Here’s the brief back-story.

Almost all of our homes in the DFW area are built on expansive clay soil, which expands and shrinks depending on moisture level. Right now, it is mostly shrinking due to the drought. This is not a devastating problem in and of itself. Proper watering around the foundation can help alleviate this situation.

The real problem is that many foundations are not “grounded” properly meaning they are not firmly attached to bedrock with pier and beam foundations or not built on well compacted soil with a slab foundation. Technical expertise and good foundation engineering is needed to build a high quality foundation.

In combination, these conditions if not corrected, can cause a section of your home to shift up and down or to move horizontally resulting in high stress points and a range of visible problems. These may include any of the following:

  • cracks in exterior bricks
  • cracks in interior sheetrock
  • cracks in concrete flooring and driveways
  • spongy, sagging or bowing wooden flooring
  • visible cracks around doors and windows
  • chimneys that lean or separate from the home
  • cracks in the slab foundation

 Homes With a Crawl Space and Pier and Beam Foundation

Pier and beam style home were the standard construction technique until the late 1950’s in the DFW area. On occasion, they are still used today by custom home builders who prefer these because of design flexibility and ease of access to utility areas.

Notwithstanding these benefits, the crawl space that accompanies this design can be a source of problems if not managed properly. The #1 issue in the crawl space is moisture. A damp, cool dirt floor environment is an ideal breeding ground for wood rot, fungi and mold. These creatures can weaken, damage or totally destroy the wooden beams and piers that support the home.

Foundation Repair Pros is the most experienced pier and beam foundation repair company in the DFW area. We have been specializing in fixing these foundations for over 20 years and know exactly how to economically correct even the most flagrant foundation problem. See our Pier and Beam Repair page for a complete discussion of our creative and technically sound repair options and solutions.

Homes With a Slab Foundation Repair Issue

The slab foundation is the most common construction method in our area and we inspect, evaluate and fix these foundations day in and day out. Uneven settling of the soil beneath the slab is the main cause of these problems, usually as a result of improper pad preparation and improper soil moisture maintenance, as discussed above.

Regardless of the specific cause, the result is one or more areas of the slab sinks (or sometimes moves upward due to soil expansion) causing differential movement. The inevitable result is a cracked or broken slab and the associated visible signs of foundation failure highlighted above.

As can be seen on our Slab Foundation Repair page, we are experts at repairing these foundations, offering several patented techniques and will correct the problems permanently.

The Cost of Foundation Repair in Fort Worth

Foundation Repair Cost Is Always a Critical Factor…

One of the most important questions at this point in your research is:

“How much does foundation repair cost?”

Although the structure of your home looks to be straightforward, it is in reality quite complex in engineering design and construction. In developing a cost to repair proposal, we carefully measure and evaluate many variables that give us the precise cause of your foundation failure and then we can offer the patented solution technologies to correct the problems.

At this juncture, we think it might be valuable to give you a big picture overview of these average foundation repair costs from a nation-wide viewpoint.

foundation repair cost fort worth and nationwide


Foundation repair cost in the DFW area is consistent with the national data presented in this graphic.  For a more detailed discussion of this critical issue, see our Foundation Repair Cost page.

Important Note: If you are concerned about how to pay for a foundation repair project, we’ve got some good news for you: Guaranteed Financing!  Just give us a call and we’ll explain the details.


Voted Best Foundation Repair Company in Fort Worth

In an industry online survey, Foundation Repair Pros has been selected as the best foundation repair company in Fort Worth and the DFW area. Our 20+ years of experience in the area has given us the opportunity to create our outstanding reputation as the highest quality provider of creative and cost effective solutions.

All of our technicians are professionally trained in our patented technologies and are committed to serving you with top-notch customer service.

We offer our extensive, detailed FREE foundation inspection to diagnose the specific problems with your foundation. This is followed by a custom designed repair plan, tailored to your needs and budget considerations. Of course, our work is offered with our Lifetime Transferable Warranty which has become the model for our industry.

Give us a call today to schedule the next available appointment. We look forward to earning your trust and demonstrating our unique, economical solutions.




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